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To: RCS Clients & Invited Guests

From: Mark Pennell, President
RCS, Inc.

RCS will again be hosting our annual PCB management workshops at various regional locations this year.

This course is one of a few which specifically focuses on the topic of managing PCBs and PCB items. It is a vital resource for PCB program managers to remain aware of changes in EPA and State regulations, interpretations and enforcement priorities. The class is most vital for new / rookie coordinators who are just beginning their education and are in need of comprehensive, plain-English instruction.

The 2020 workshops schedule, workshop sites, agenda and registration form can be viewed / printed via the attached file or through our website at:


For questions contact RCS, Inc. at: 417.886.4580, rcsinc@aol.com


Marilyn O'Banion at m.obanion@aol.com



Workshop Agenda / Registration Form / Hotel Reservation Information

PCB Regulatory Compliance
Best Management Practices

PCB Management Basics (For New PCB Coordinators)

State Regulations on PCBs

RCRA Waste & Universal Waste

Proper Storage of PCBs (“Storage for Reuse” vs “Storage for Disposal”)

Proper Storage of Untested Transformers & Other Equipment Awaiting Pick-Up

PCB & Non-PCB Spills (Clean up, Disposal & Encapsulation Options)

PCB Record-Keeping & EPA Annual Documents

Compiling SPCC Plans (Utilizing Self-Certification)

More information

For questions or additional information contact RCS, Inc. at: 417.886.4580 or rcsinc@aol.com