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For the past 30 years, Regulatory Compliance Services, Inc. (RCS, Inc.) has provided PCB management consultations, education and training workshops, PCB record-keeping assistance and ongoing telephone support for electric utilities and others within the regulated community. Please explore our site to learn more about RCS and the services we provide.


26th Annual RCS “PCB Management” National Convention for Electric Utilities

Springfield, Missouri

October 24th - 28th, 2017


Workshop Agenda / Registration Form / Hotel Reservation Information

PCB Regulatory Compliance
Best Management Practices

Foundational Training for New PCB Program Coordinators

Simplifying the Legal Language, Confusing Terms & Interpretations

Managing Equipment Change-outs, Transporation & Drop-off

Clarifying "Sales Pitches" from Companies Wanting Your Old/Obsolete Equipment

Proper Storage of Untested Transformers & Other Equipment Awaiting Pick-Up

PCB & Non-PCB Spills (Response, Communication, Cleanup & Documentation)

PCB Record-keeping (Compiling & Maintaining Proper Records & EPA Reports)

More information

For questions or additional information contact RCS, Inc. at: 417.886.4580 or rcsinc@aol.com

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